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Great rains also fell when Hurricane Allan hit Texas in 1980. This was an enormous hurricane of great strength -- a category five, briefly, and a four when it hit just south of Corpus Christi. Its whipping arms sent bands of tropical moisture marching across central Texas. Here in Austin, we had spells of blinding rains, falling at a rate of as much as four inches per hour.This was back when we were living in our old house in town.

Battered MailboxAt one point, we heard a strange whirling, churning sound. I scooped up Pirate and hid in the hall closet at the center of the house. This is exactly what you are suppposed to do.

Craig ran outside to see if he could see anything. He would never survive a real disaster. He always does exactly what you are NOT supposed to do.

A tornado did in fact destroy a small private airport nearby. Ironically, many people had flown their planes up from Corpus Christi before the storm, hoping to avoid damage. The same tornado just barely touched down across the street from our house.

We were so lucky. No houses or trees were damaged. You would hardly know the tornado had stopped by (except that we heard it), but we found wet flight plans scattered all over our yard, and the mailbox across the street turned up half a block away, in a playground, with crooked legs.

TornadoI always wanted to see a tornado, but I am also scared of them. Craig saw a good one in South Texas once and took this great picture. I was envious. Then we took a trip to Wyoming and rented a car. En route from Jackson Hole to the Grand Tetons, we looked out to the left and saw no less than four tornados!

The ground was very flat there. These were small tornados, silvery and ropy. It was strange. They were not frightening. We should have been concerned, I guess, but they didn't appear to be moving toward us. We watched them for quite some time.

Austin Rains
Lake Pommel

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