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The Resident Revealed

Oh, this is so exciting. We've been calling the animal who lives in the Southwest Corner the Resident (See Close to Home). I have been talking about getting a surveillance camera to get a video of him when he comes out at night.

So just now I was sitting out on the deck, on the dogs' perch, trying to get a good shot of a dog's eye view at dusk. It was only 8:40. I took one more shot - I am not really equipped for night pictures - when I noticed the branches of the fig shaking mightily.

I walked right up to the fig. No wonder we don't get any ripe ones! It wasn't a coon. It was three coons. After trying to get several shots, I finally had to clear my throat to get him to look up at me.

Raccoon in the fig tree

He seemed mildly surprised to see me, but not at all alarmed. His expression is a bit worried in the picture, but that's just because his little mask turns up above his eyes. You can't help seeing that line as an expressive eyebrow. But I really don't think he's got anything on his mind but figs.

Raccoon in the fig treeI spoke to him. I said, It's okay. You can have some figs. Then I thought I'd just move around to the back of the fig tree, which being away from the sun is much more bare.

Had one of them dropped to the ground? I eased around the corner and looked in. The fur looked strangely longer, poofier...oops. This was a skunk. His head was facing toward me, which I thought was a good sign. He hesitated.

I spoke again in what I hoped was a friendly voice and backed out, thinking this will be a nice switch: Wily comes to the door and here am I, drenched with skunk-spray.

So here I have been thinking we have a coon. How about three coons and a skunk! In one tree! And not even nine o'clock.

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