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Moving down the food chain, we have many little green anoles, checkered geckos, and tiny brown, nearly legless lizards. We love them all. We also have all kinds of butterflies. Once we found the loquat smothered in migrating monarchs.

GeckoWe have tarantulas. Huge, dusty-colored, soft, and furry, they are mild mannered creatures, the only spiders I really like. We have bats, too. If you sit out on the deck at night in summer, they flutter by like shadows.

The biggest bug ever was a four-inch centipede. I like to think that we maintain a pretty benevolent attitude toward our resident wildlife, but I smashed that thing with a brick the minute I saw it.

Once we had five palettes of brick delivered in the height of a hot, dry summer. Sure enough, I found a scorpion in them. I knew it. I was on the lookout for it. I smashed him, too. A little black scorpion lived down by the avenue, but that's pretty far from the house, so I left him alone.

You know what else I kill on sight? Diving beetles. I hate them! They get in the pool, and they bite! This is starting to give me the creeps. Cockroaches, fire ants, mosquitoes, we've crossed a line here. I am not going to write about the bugs. I have my limits.


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