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2005 Reunion - Saturday PM

After the Alumnae Parade we picked up our box lunches and went to our Class Meeting, which seemed somewhat more rancorous than what I have come to expect. Jude and I cut out early, having paid the dues our officers were pleading for and not much caring how they spent the money.

We bought some cool scarves and then headed for Cathy’s House a few miles away in Williamsburg. I only regret that I did not get a picture of that lovely town, with its fine houses, painted crisp pastels with white trim and surrounded by lawns and beds abloom with Rhododendron, Azalea, Buttercups and Dogwoods. I did get plenty of pictures of Cathy’s stylish Frank Lloyd Wright-type house. It sits in perfect harmony with a quiet woodland meadow that is a presence from inside the house as much as from without.

Back in town, we took a break, then headed for the cocktail hour in the Campus Center, which turns out to have a very pleasant balcony. During our Lobster Dinner, the president stopped by to speak to us about our era. She moved me to tears, frankly. She is wonderfully warm.

Afterwards, the Femmes played a lively and nostalgic set before we headed back to Lawrence House, where Virginia, Susan, Jude and I were all staying, for a Late-night Chat. We broke out bottles of wine that we had wisely laid in for the occasion, but it turned out we’d had about enough. Though we sat and talked until quite late (by my standards), we ended up sending one bottle back to Cathy and donating our other two unfinished bottles to another group of late-night visitors. That's Sarah Lawrence in the portrait. She looks like she's crazy.


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