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Fan Form

I'm learning two versions, one in school and one with my neighborhood group. Below, I've used familiar names where I found them, names given to me by Long Feng for moves that are new, and names that I've made up where I have none to go by. It's so much easier to learn a form when you have names!

fan form

Mi Jin Pei performs 46-fan, a fan form that combines Chen Tai Chi, Wushu and Kung Fu. This is the form taught at Master Gohring's school. My neighborhood Chinese Tai Chi friends perform a traditional 52-fan Kung Fu Fan Form.

This form is usually performed to music, almost always to a particular song, the title of which translates as something like "Beauty of Setting Sun" (good luck finding an MP3 without malware attached! I finally got one from Long Feng). The music divides neatly into six sections. The first is slow, the second fast, the third fast and staccato. The fourth section is an exact repeat of the second, the fifth starts fast and gets slow, building up to a slow, dramatic final section.

The first fan form below (52-fan) follows the music very closly in tempo and phrasing. The second form, 56-fan, does fit the music, but not as clearly (to me, anyway), cramming a lot of moves into even the slowest parts. You can learn 52-fan from the video with the music; I found it almost impossible to learn 56-fan from a full-speed video.

However! Luckily, Instructor Cochran at Master Gohring's school has made videos of this fan form at walk-through speed. Actually, it wasn't luck; I asked her to let me record these three videos. She covers all but the very last part of the form in three videos:

Finally, Here's Master Gohring doing the first half of the 56-fan form at walk-through pace.

All we need now is a walk-thorugh of the last section.

52-form -- Kung Fu Fan

Kung fu fan form

Part 1 of 6:

    Slant Flying
    White Crane Spreads Wings
    Hornet's Hole (step L,R)
    Rebels to Sea (pivot on R, step L)
    White Crane Stands on Left Leg
    Force Split Chinese Mountain (R, L, R)
    Civet Rat (snake L, R, L, flip fan)
    Sit Horse Flower (snake R, horse stance)

Part 2 of 6:

    Part the Wild Horse's Mane (feet stay put)
    Chuyan Volley (White Crane w/feet together, fist)
    Hornet's Hole
    Tiger's Prey (step back R, forward L, push)
    Mantis Stalks Cicada (kick stand)
    Lema Back (step around R,L twirl fan)
    Turning Tibet Fan (snake)
    Sit Horse Flower

Part 3 of 6:

    Ding Push Hill (push fan R)
    Dragon Back (poke fan L)
    Whiplash Horse (wind up turn L snap back)
    Flew Swagger (snap stand R, cat L)
    Arms Hold On (sink fan front)
    Windward Liaoyi (stand tall fan points down)
    Inverted Flower Wuziu (step R, point L, cross L sink)
    Xiang Yu Yang Fan (fan front)
    Hold Fan Interlude (starting position)

Part 4 of 6:

    Repeat Part 2!

Part 5 of 6:

    Strike back with both elbows
    Horse Shaking Fist (strike w/ two backfists) Hop right cat stance
    Kick with Right
    Dragon intersect (R, ball-change L, kick back)
    Lady Shuttle (stand w/ fan in front)
    Tiannvsanhua (fan flutters over head)
    Overlord Palm (close fan sit snap) Line Step Interlude (walk in circle)

Part 6 of 6:

    Seven Star Hand (kick stand left)
    Ward off right
    Pull back and press
    Su Bei Jian (fan behind back, push)
    Brush Knee Twist Step
    Single Whip
    Bow to Shoot Tiger(snake pose)
    Baihe Liang Wings
    Close Form


First Section:

    Buddha Stamp
    White Crane Stands on Right Leg
    Cloud Hands (2 steps)
    Brush Knee Push
    Kick (close fan, pivot, step R)
    Cross Step (L, R)
    White Crane Stands on Right Leg
    Strike to groin (left kick stand)
    Turning Tibet Fan
    White Crane Stands on Left Leg
    R,L,R (turning) Fist

Mi Jin Pei 


She is practicing back stage at a tournament, probably Legends of Kung Fu.







Second Section:

    Step to L bow and strike, L fist at waist
    Cross step L behind and strike R w/ L hand overhead
    Buddha Stamp
    White Crane Spreads Wings (cat)
    Horse stance
    Cross stance flutter to sit
    Unwind, step R, point fan face down
    Close fan, R, L, Kick R
    R, L, Straightforward Push Fan
    Reach back and throw to snap down
    Stand on R leg and extend left arm
    Shut fan, step L, R to L cat, whirl fan, snap

Third Section:

    Open to Leonardo, spin left 270 degrees
    Snap fan open level with floor in R bow
    Step L and swipe fan closed with L hand
    Step R cross behind and L, L hand under R arm, stab
    Step back L, wind-up
    Step R cross front, wind-up, snap (big figure 8)
    L knee to R bow, flip fan behind, L fist in front
    L cross behind, flip fan closed
    Step around L, R, Iron elbows R, L
    Sit horse press one finger
    Touch R to L, fan circles counterclockwise
    Step R, L hop R, L cross in front (circle fan)
    Unwind, lasso fan, kick back
    Stand down w/ fan in front
    Turn around, present fan.

Fourth Section: exact repeat of second section.

Fifth Section:

    Step L, touch R, step R, touch L, hit fan R, L, R
    Step L cross front, R to R bow and snap down
    Step L up to R, R back (makes L bow), forward fan snap
    Stand on L leg, fan turned down, punch L, R
    Step R to horse, fan up R, look and punch L
    Shift arc fan to L, swing around R figure 8
    Close arms, kick L
    Step around L, hop, R cat, fan down overhead snap down
    Turn around R, L, back R, fan horizontal over and back
    Turn from R bow to L bow, closed fan by waist, L hand out
    White Crane Spreads Wings (fan closed overhead R)
    Circle L hand down, around clockwise, swing left snap
    Wipe closed, circle arm overhead, L cross behind, snap.

    Sixth Section:

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