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These are notes on the martial arts applications for the first section of the moving form.

App for Single Whip

Ward Off Right, Ward Off Left: RIGHT punch. Pivot on right heel to get out of the way of the blow while blocking with the right arm. This is a yielding ward-off. Then step into the attacker with a left blocking blow to the body. [Note to self: weight on left leg; adjust right foot position as needed.]

Ward Off Right: RIGHT punch. Step in to block another right fist, this time from an attacker on the right, blocking with the right arm while the left hand checks the elbow. This is more of a yang ward-off. [Note to self: try to end up in ward-off position -- rather than following through.]

Pull Back and Press: LEFT punch. Block with left and pull the attacker past you and down. If the attacker tries to pull back, press back on the left shoulder. [Note to self: be prepared to step back with the left foot.]

Push: BOTH hands. The attacker comes straight on, arms outstretched. Block the arms apart from inside, hold the arms and push the attacker away. [Note to self: let the ugi come in close enough to get a good push with the legs.]

Single Whip: LEFT punch. Deflect and send the attacker past you by shifting to the left foot, and grabbing the left wrist with the left hand. Transfer the wrist to the right hand and shift back to the right (whipping the ugi around). Step into a chop to the neck with the left hand. [Note to self: protect the neck, as this can easily be a very sharp blow.]

Lift hands: RIGHT punch. Block a right punch with the right, check the elbow down with the left and strike the chin with the right hand while shifting some weight onto the right heel. [Note to self: start with weight on the left foot; right foot makes the kick stand.]

Step Forward Strike with Shoulder: LEFT punch to the body. Block with the left hand, grab the wrist and pop the elbow with the right arm. Then adjust position to strike the body with the shoulder. [Note to self: weight on the left foot; move the feet around to the right to get in position for the strike.}

White Crane Spreads Wings: block up with the right and down with the left. NOT ON TEST.

Brush Knee Push: BOTH sides. Block a right punch with the left hand and/or left punch with the right hand. Step forward on the side of a block and push the attacker back with the other. [Note to self: step in with the block on the same side of the punch; means block a left with the right, right with left.]

Playing Guitar: RIGHT punch. Step back from the punch and crack the elbow (forearm only, when sparring). [Note to self: weight on the left foot, step back on the right, and lean forward onto the left heel with the pop.]

Step Forward Deflect Downward Intercept and Punch: RIGHT punch. Block a punch with the right arm while checking the shoulder with the left, step in and punch to the body. [Note to self: weight on left, T-step onto right.]

Withdraw and Push: RIGHT grab of right wrist. Thrust with the right while clearing with the left. Push the attacker away. [Note to self: weight will be on the left foot to start, in double dragon, left forward.]

All blocks with the right are against right punches. That's both ward-offs, lift hands, and step forward etc. The two pull-back moves (pull back and single whio) are against left punches.

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