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Tai Chi 24-form

Here's a video that captured my imagination as I was just setting out to learn Tai Chi: Tai Chi 24 form (opens in a new window).

Another beautiful example: Sifu Amin Wu.

24 form

The style differs somewhat from what I am learning, but all of the movements are familiar. This 24-movement form was developed in Beijing by the Chinese Sports Committee in 1956 for widespread use as physical conditioning. I think it is quite beautiful. [Movements in 24-form -Wikipedia]

24 form

My Chinese friends have taught me! Not sure exactly how to get this to add up to 24, but all the movements are familiar (if sometimes backwards). Details of form differ somewhat from the forms we do at Master Gohring's school.

  1. Commencement - Qishi [Q=ch]
  2. Part the Wild Horses Mane - Ye ma fen zong (L, R, L) [fun]
  3. White Crane Spreads Wings - Bai he liang chi
  4. Brush Knee Push - Luo xi ao bu (L, R, L) [x=sh]
  5. Playing Guitar
  6. Repulse Monkeys L, R, L, R
  7. Grasp the Bird's Tail- lan que wei (L)
  8. Grasp the Bird's Tail Right (R)
  9. Single Whip - Dan bian
  10. Cloud Hands - Yun Shou
  11. Single Whip - Dan bien
  12. High Pat on Horse - Gao tan ma
  13. Strike with Heel - Deng jiao [dung; ji=ch]
  14. Box the Tiger's ears -
  15. Strike with Heel left
  16. Snake Creeps Down Left (usual way)/Golden Rooster
  17. Snake Creeps Down RIGHT/Golden Rooster
  18. Fair Lady Works the Shuttle R, L
  19. Needle at Sea Bottom
  20. Fan Through Back
  21. Turn Around Strike with back Fist
  22. Hidden hand Punch
  23. Cross Hands
  24. Close Form

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