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The Pommelhouse Garden

The garden has been undergoing a post-retirement (mine) revolution. The first year (2008-9), I tore out the center bed and put in a large rose garden. After two seasons, the roses are mostly mature; a handful have not performed as I would have liked and will come out this year. I also think I will work in some other perennials. More to come on this...

This year I hired a landscape architect, Mitzi Van Sant (The Fragrant Garden), to create a naturalistic central Texas landscape design for the front of the house. I don't like working out front. I am hoping that after this project is finished, the front will look good and require very little attention. There is no grass to mow, and it will be densely planted with low maintenance native plants. More to come on this, too.

A virtual walk in the garden. This timed three-minute slideshow with natural sounds is my latest stress-reduction tool. When it seems long to me, I remember that it is just three minutes, and I take my own impatience for a sign that I need to relax. Like the garden slideshow, this has a lot of fairly large images, so it might have to load and you will need a high-speed connection for sure. It runs fast for me, though, from all stations.

The Garden Slideshow is a tour through the space and times of the backyard at Pommelhouse. This is a timed, cycling slideshow with background music. It will take a few seconds to pre-load. Once it begins cycling, it takes a little more than two minutes to run through once.

Our History in Birds: Who's who in the birdbath over the years. Major hatches, colonies, and chance sightings. The Pommelhouse Birdlist is a complete annotated listing of all the birds identified in and around the Pommel house since 1983.


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