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November 19, 2005. Three UKC shows in two days! We had a great time. I had forgotten how much fun it is to pack up for a dog show. You take a rolled up straw mat, a collapsible crate, folding chairs, a cooler, and a bag full of paraphernalia such as leashes, collars, brushes, and bait.

There were two main contingents of eskies, including the very nice woman who calls Weegie her "grandpuppy" - she owns Weegie's paternal grandfather Cody. A friend from our obedience class was there, too, with her German short-haired pointer Halo.

First up in our ring was the Junior Showmanship group. I recently read a claim that dog shows are the most popular family sport in America. I can't vouch for that, but it was believable in Hutto, as the various age-groups of little tiny kids, then middle-sized kids, and then very business-like and expert teenagers showed their dogs.

Junior Showmanship

It's not about the dogs, so the kids are handling all different breeds, mostly not so small as to be too fragile and not so large as to be able to pull a kid over. One little girl had about a four-month-old collie pup (above). He himself was hardly more than a toddler, but very well behaved. They seemed to shuffle dogs between classes. Below, with a steward's help, the same girl shows shows a little eskie's teeth to the judge.

Junior showmanhipThe Gun Dogs were next. Halo did very well. I got Weegie out and started moving her around. She was pretty wildly excited, and I was having trouble getting her to walk on the leash right.

Sally came to our rescue. "She's too nice a dog to act that way," she said, offering me a different collar, one of her own spares. "Here, let me have her."

Amazingly, it took her about one minute to get Weegie in control. After watching her, I was able to do it. The trip was already worthwhile. Sally taught me more in a few minutes than I had been able to figure out or learn in class in weeks.

Junior showmanhipAt right, self-possessed teens work for the blue ribbon.

Outside, it was a beautiful crisp and sunny day. In back of the main event center, in a big grassy field a group had gathered for a lure-coursing event. Huge white Borzois lay in crates in the shade while smaller, copper-colored pharoah hounds streaked after a white cloth that slid on a wire overhead.

Back inside, my crash course continued, as Sally made Weegie stand still on a table, something I have had a hard time doing. People with less active dogs wonder why. They should try it with a young eskie. Again, Sally did it in one minute, and having watched, I could do it, too. What a relief: progress.

That was the good news. The bad news was that Sally was showing a female Weegie's age, so we ended up with three red ribbons in three shows. But the judge had a hard time making up his mind in the third show. That was exciting. I still can't show her very well on the table. Got to work on that.

Next week we'll go to Waco, and Sally will save us a spot next to her camp in the grooming area. We'll learn more. What possesses her to be so generous with an incompetent competitor? Love of the breed and good sportsmanship, I guess.


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