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Weegie at 5 mos.
2004 -      

The Dogs of Pommel

Their lives are documented here in all necessary detail. When we first looked at the Pommel House before buying it in the fall of 1983, a nice big German shepherd named Misty was moving out. We heard she was mean. She was boarding in the back yard next door (with Norma, whom we had not met at that point).

We said to each other, "Mean, huh?" We looked over the fence at her, feeling bad that she was banished from her own big grassy yard on our account. She ran up to the fence and roared. Then she dashed to a spot where we noticed she'd dug the beginnings of a tunnel back into her own yard (don't worry; unbeknownst to her she was on her way to a perfectly nice new home of her own).

Then she ran off and came back and dropped a ball into the hole under the fence. It rolled to neutral ground. She bites? Gingerly Craig picked up the ball. No bites. So he threw the ball over the fence, and she brought it back and dropped it into the hole for him to throw again. Maybe not so mean!

A couple of weeks later, we moved in with Pirate, the first of the Dogs of Pommel, to be followed by Wily in 1992, then by Weegie, pictured at five months at the top of the page, now five years old.

Weegie's Excellent

After Wily's Brilliant Career in competitive obedience, we had the notion to buy a show quality American Eskimo puppy and try for a breed championship. It took us two years, and we traveled from Lake Charles to Denton to San Antonio to Dallas and back again. We stumbled and blundered and picked ourselves up, made fools of ourselves more than once. But in the end, we did what we set out to do: we put that "CH" in front of her registered name. Weegie is Ch Kort-Mar Magic Star, if you please. But you can still call her Weegie.

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