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Loch Ness Monster????

We drove from Inverness to Fort Augustus on Saturday morning, preoccupied by what appeared to be an impending blow-out on one of our tires (tyres?). Urquhart Castle was closed, but we stopped to look out over Loch Ness from the parking lot.

Loch Ness

It looked exactly as I'd expected. It looked like every picture I had ever seen of it. Is it always leaden?

I took a couple of pictures just to prove I'd been there, though I didn't think they'd amount to much (and they didn't). I wasn't looking for Nessie. I was looking forward to the Fort Augustus sheep dog trials.

Loch Ness

It wasn't until I got home that I spotted something odd in the water. Can you see it? What on earth is it? Have I unwittingly shot the latest evidence that Nessie does exist?? Ordinary flotsam or prehistoric monster? You decide.

Loch Ness

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