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The Walled City

As we approached Evora, our new strategy was to drive by the blue arrows until embedded in the town, in a likely parking space. Then we would walk, carefully noting the location of the car. Do it all on foot until the next day. Then drive out by the blue arrows.

It sort of worked, except that we got overbold on foot. We were still susceptible to such Americanisms as thinking we could use a map. Actually, a lot of that medieval religious stuff makes perfectly good sense in these towns. There is only one true way and that way is indescribable, for example.

Diagram A-B-CWe kept thinking that (as in the diagram at left) if you went from A to C by way of B, you could get to A directly from C. But no. We tried that.

The walled city of Evora is actually a small town that covers a single hilltop, with a huge castle on top, and roads in concentric circles around it, like so:

Diagram of Evora

At every intersection, moreover, was a map of the city (a clear one, marked with "now you are here"). We drove into Evora according to inbound blue arrows, parked, and walked uphill toward the castle.

Reeling view of street

The camera reels drunkenly through the streets of Evora.
Here is a more reasonable view of the walled city.


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