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Pine Point

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Aunt Be and Uncle Chick have flown south to Jekyll Island, Georgia. One of several barrier islands off the coast of Georgia, Jekyll has a rich history and a sleepy present. It is orderly and well grounded in nature for those who retire on its modest, quiet center.

Ba says Aunt Be stumbled on Jekyll in 1948, the year I was born. Aunt Be must then later have put it together that her own great grandfather arose from those flat and mosquito-y islands. By all accounts, he was as rough as you might expect. Reading his son's manuscript, I thought, frankly, this was a hard man.


At the center of the island, at dusk, we saw snowy egrets, anhingas and cormorants. Better yet, wood storks were roosting in pairs on nests. We could just make out a little baby stork-head or two.

At least 12 nests

Storks & cormorants

Baby visible

On nests in pairs

Big messy nest!

Baby visible

Storks & cormorants


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The clubhouse (below) is the bastion of Jekyll's historical center. Randolph Bryan was born on the barrier islands (Wilmington, owned by his father, Joseph Bryan). The islands, esp. Jekyll, had an interesting heyday among millionaires in the 1920s. JP Morgan invented the Federal Reserve in a meeting room now called...the Federal Reserve Room.

Today, Jekyll is a placid island with fewer than 1000 residents. Emphasis is on preservation of nature, riding bicycles, and walking along the beaches.

Jekyll Club