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2005 Reunion - Wake-up Call

January 12, 2004. My 35th college reunion appeared on the horizon in the form of an e-mail from Terry. She is the one who rounds us up.

It's like we go back to sleep, living our dream-lives, and along comes Terry, shaking us all, saying "Wake up! Get up! It's time to make your reservations! Where will you stay? What days are you coming?"

Not that we really are living dream-lives. We're just very busy. It takes me a week to reply that I am so wrapped up in my impending puppy that I can't even look up the dates of our upcoming reunion weekend. It occurs to me how many people would think I am crazy, getting into such a state at my age over a ten-week-old dog.

Cathy and Susan are ready. In fact, we'll be at Cathy's house part or all of the time this year. All we know from Lynne is that she has changed e-mails -- no, make that law firms! -- since we last heard from her.

Communications with Vicki, who is still living in Italy, are technically difficult, but we assume she's coming. She vacations at her summer home in Maine each year, so there's no excuse for her not to drive down and join us.

Terry gives Judy one last shake and an e-mail finally appears. She under a nightmare of a deadline, but she has heard us. Sounds like we're on for 2005!

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