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The Merrymakers

That is the title of the picture below. Craig and I used to have a bird, Percy, about whom I must write one day. But what I am writing about today is my mother. We used to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts whenever I would visit home after I went away to college. My mother was chronically ill for much of my life. But one thing she never failed to enjoy, and that she taught me to enjoy, was art museums. I do love them, and the Detroit museum is a good one. Anyway, when she was reasonably well, Mother had a great sense of humor. And she knew Percy. When we saw this picture of a bird that looked just like Percy, we both instantly recognized what the bird was doing.

You would have to have known a bird to see what a snit this little bird is in, in the center of attention, with food on the table and an origami bird to rival him. We saw it in the same instant and both collapsed laughing. We laughed until we were weak and tired. We'd stop, consider speaking, then look at the picture again, and be swept away in fresh gales of laughter. It was so much fun. It is a lovely memory. And such luck! In the gift shop, there was a box of notecards with this very picture, which we saw and ran to, pointing and laughing again. I wrote the two banana bread recipe in one of the cards and still have it today.

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