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The Good Old Days

Eleven young women showed up at Dewey House, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, as freshmen in the fall of 1966. There were two Nancys, two Susans, and two C/Kathys. At the end of the year, one of the C/Kathys (the one with a "K") dropped out, and one of the Nancys went back to California, transferring into the UC system. That left nine. Clarinda got married and moved off campus to live with her husband. Ellen moved to the co-op house. Seven of us lived at Dewey all four years and graduated together.

We were the friends of a lifetime, but we have all gone our separate, busy ways. Our first reunion, the 25th in 1995, was pure time travel. Since then we have had two more reunions and a "pre-union" on an off-year at Terry's house on Lake Winnepesauke.

From the good old days, I have this lovely picture below of Lynn on her graduation day. That would have been in 1969. Lynn transferred into Smith as a sophomore when the rest of us started as freshmen. We consider her one of us. Then I have a picture of my roommate Susan and one of me. Both pix were taken in Susan's and my room in Dewey in 1970, on graduation day.


Susan me

Terry has some old pictures...Go See...


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The Good Old Days
Life in Dewey House
2005 Smith College Reunion
2004 Pre-Union in Vermont
25th Reunion (1995)
Smith College Campus
Preunion at Christmas Cove