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Yang Cheng-Fu's Ten Important Points

Yang Cheng Fu was the grandson of Yang Lu-shan, founder of the Yang style of Tai Chi.

Yang Cheng Fu

1. Head suspended. Be light and swift, so the spirit can rise to the top of the head. Do not use strength or become stiff, or the chi will not circulate.

2. Chest concave. This allows you to lift the back so the chi will sink down. If the chest sticks out, the chi rises and the center of gravity is too high.

3. Waist loose. If the waist is loose, the root is strong. The change from substantial to insubstantial should come from the waist. If you are not strong, pay attention to the waist.

4. Differentiate substantial from insubstantial (Video).This is essential to light and swift movement. If you cannot differentiate, footwork will be heavy and clumsy.

5. Sink the shoulders and elbows. If the shoulders are held up, the chi will not sink, the center of gravity will be too high, and you will not be able to repel opponents far.

6. Use mind not force. The whole body remains loose and open. There is no localized muscular force. Instead, the whole is light and swift, and chi flows freely throughout the body.

7. Coordinate upper and lower body. "Root starts in the feet, springs from the legs, is executed through the waist and expressed through the fingers." And "eye spirit follows them all."

8. Internal and external coordinate. Movement is nothing more than substantial and insubstantial, and opening and closing, and this occurs in the mind and heart as well as the body.

9. Continuous and connected movement. The strength of Tai Chi is like a chain, unbroken and continuous, moved by mind and circulating without end.

10. Stillness in movement ("the slower the better"). Tai Chi uses quiet movement with long deep breaths, and the movement does not cause panting and shortness of breath.


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