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Pictures of Eagle Point

I photographed these pictures shortly before Uncle Jub planned to give them to a historical society. We don't know when they were taken, but the picture of Abingdon Church is without power lines and cars, a woman wears a long dress, and someone is leaving the church in a horse and buggy. I am guessing ca. 1900. I would welcome a more educated guess.

Compare the first view with the thumbnail on the right (which was cropped out of a picture I took in 2004 from the road). The approach to the house is lined with mature oaks that had not been planted when the older shots were taken.

Jonathan Bryan has reproduced a picture of Eagle Point in his book. It is a view from the front, like the first picture below, and appears to offer a somewhat different pattern of large trees in the background, on the other side of the house. His picture, he says, was taken in the 1920s. I think these appear to be a bit older.

Eagle Point
Eagle Point from the side that faces the road.

Eagle Point
Eagle Point from the side that faces the water.

Eagle Point
Eagle Point from the side of the facade that faces the road.

I have not attempted to correct the fish-eye distortion in the old pictures. I did crop the panoramic view of the front to fit a closer focus on the page. For the Pine Point crowd, here are the larger images for download:

From the Road [1215 x 419] 88k
From the water [1529 x 436] 167k
Side View [1426 x 394] 150k

Eagle Point
Eagle Point from the side that faces the road (closer view).

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By Corbin Braxton Bryan

Eagle Point

Early Life
Eagle Point
War Times


Old Photographs:
Eagle Point
Abingdon Church