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The projects section is, appropriately enough, under construction. However, I have now collected all the old pictures and worked out the dates of the major projects and will be filling in the pieces on the right as I finish them.

The Pommel house is neither large nor grand - not at all. It has a generous lot, by city standards, and it is tolerably well built. We are busy bees by nature and have embarked on a major project nearly every year that we have been here. We don’t do anything else but work on our house and yard. The idea in this section is to revisit all the crazy things we have done to our forgiving and accommodating house.

Unimproved front

This is the earliest photo I can find of the front of the house. It was taken in 1987, but I don't believe we had done anything to the front yet. The door opened onto a walk ( no courtyard), and there was no wall. Except for those two items, we didn't do anything to the front for years. We were too busy with the back...

Original back

Not sure of the year, but you can see no improvements in the back, not so much as a birdbath. Of course, it was beautiful, especially in a picture like this where you cannot see all the fire ant mounds and sticker grass. And taken at a time of year when the grass was green.

Most of the time, we start with an impulse, plunge in, founder, then shift into problem-solving mode as we work our way out of the fix we’ve gotten ourselves into. Many projects take years to get right. Some are not right yet. All are endlessly amusing to me; I am afraid that they sometimes make Craig want to move into an apartment, but take my word for it: he is the one who takes a simple idea to its logical conclusion, and he is the one who cannot stand for things to be unfinished. He is a world-champion project-finisher.


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2010 Front Landscape
2009 New Rose Garden
2008 Dungeon to Office
2007 On Strike
2004 Return of the Pool
2003 Office
2002 Alley
2001 Front Yard
2000 Garage & Diningroom
1999 West Yard
1998 Shed
1997 Pool
1996 Greenhouse
1995 Brick Path
1994 Garden Path
1993 Southwest Corner
1992 Avenue
1991 Barbeque Pit
1990 Stucco
1989 Courtyard
1988 Brick Wall
1987 Pond
1986 Patio
1985 Deck
1984 South Wall
1983 Then